As a solar & electrical company, we provide the best of both worlds! Whether you need repairs or maintenance in your home or your new solar power system installed, we can handle it all. Our dedicated team is trained, certified, and fully licensed to handle all of your electrical and solar power services needs. Any project, large or small is no problem for us. Just give us a call!



SG Solar & Electrical Generation custom-builds around your life, your style, your budget, and your long-term goals—creating a sustainable, user-friendly, highly efficient energy solution that’s as unique as your home and your life. Our strategic designs help you not only maximize your solar production capacity, and save money and energy—but take optimal advantage of incentives and emerging technologies. You get a system that’s practical, elegant, and affordable. It’s your solar solution, your way.


As a respected local SG Solar & Electrical company, SG is proud to help lead Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas into its clean energy future. We’re actively raising awareness about solar’s potential for our city. We work cooperatively to sustain and improve incentive programs that support solar in KwaZulu Natal. At SG Solar & Electrical Generation, we’re not just professional; we’re passionate about solar, we’re dedicated to promoting it, and devoted to helping preserve and restore our planet. We’ll help you, too, to connect with this powerful energy movement that’s truly changing our city and the world.


SG Solar & Electrical Generation sets the highest standard for solar quality and innovation, and we offer the best warrantees in the business. Our depth of knowledge and experience, along with our meticulous, obsessive attention to every detail, means you can count on every aspect of your system meeting and exceeding expectations. Our production and workmanship guarantees are second to none. And our unmatched aftermarket service gives you the security of knowing you can count on Artisan for years to come.


Taking advantage of clean energy doesn’t need be complicated. As a full-service electrical contractor and solar energy specialist, SG Solar & Electrical Generation makes the entire process seamless and easy for you. We provide comprehensive, friendly support every step of the way from assessment to design to installation and beyond. We don’t disappear after the job is done we’re your solar partners for life. Our turnkey approach lets you simply relax and enjoy the thrill of generating your own power and being part of the solution.

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